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Investment Property Leads 

Are you an Investment Property Advisor or Company looking for Investment Property Leads?

Investment Property Leads is a leading specialist Investment Property Lead Generator, providing live property investment leads anywhere in the country.

We create live investment property leads on a pay per lead basis – which means you get live exclusive leads at a guaranteed volume.

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How Investment Property Leads Sydney

The Process

We generate live, opt-in, exclusive, qualified investment property leads – on a pay per lead basis. You choose the volume of leads per month, we create them, and send the leads to your inbox.

We create your campaign based on your specific requirements, qualifiers, and target market.  Depending on the type of investment property leads you want, we can create lead only campaigns, leads and appointment setting calling campaigns.

How you make money?

We only create live leads that have been generated on a Opt-in , In-Bound basis. 

Our End-To-End live lead generation & Appointment Setting service is one of a kind. We are a specialist property investment appointment setting service with 15 years direct experience setting appointments for property advisors. We get a very high conversion rate on the leads we generate.

We’ve helped investors find the right advisor for so many years that we’re all about service orientation and responsiveness to mutual goals. This is a win for everyone involved. We’ve listened to the needs of investors and we’ve heard the requirements of advisors – we know how to love you. We know that investors want compatible advisors that they feel they can trust.  We know that advisors want qualified, motivated investors that convert.

How we make money?

Our Investment Property leads are provided on a pay per lead basis. We also offer appointment setting calling campaigns, and appointment setting coaching campaigns for advisors or dedicated callers.

Market Positioning

We are the only End-To -End Live Lead Generation & Appointment Setting agency in Australia. That means we can cover all of your relationship engineering requirements.

Being positioned as a “go to” for both investors and advisors, we were well positioned in the market to leverage opportunities. We have been speaking to advisors and investors all day for years and decided to create a lucrative system that creates a win for all involved.

Quality Assurance

We have several types of investment property leads that we generate depending on your needs profile. Both have an assured live quality which makes them the best leads we have ever worked with.

Depending on the type of targeting you need we can suggest the best investment property leads to generate for you. Some advisors are very specific with qualifiers, others are more open – and we can accommodate either approach to ensure we get the quality you need.

 Features & Benefits

 End-To-End Solutionall of your investment property leads and appointment setting needs are here, in one place.

 High Converting Live Leadsall of our investment property leads are live, optin. The prospects have all expressed an interest to be contacted by a representative of your company, and all have expressed an interest to invest in property. Because the leads are live, optin, and exclusive they are high converting leads delivering high return on investment.

Bespoke – our investment property leads are created according to your specific target market requirements. We create your unique offer together based on your most engaging features and their benefits.

Volume Control – our monthly lead volume options are designed to create a consistent flow of new business opportunities.

Regional Control – you choose the geographical region in which you want the investment property leads to be located. You can choose only your own base region, particular regions or national.

Lead & Appointment Types – You can choose the lead types you would like to receive. We provide leads including calls campaigns, lead only campaigns, and leads with standard targeting, and leads with question targeting. We also create investment property leads with coaching for you to perfect your own appointment setting processes. All lead types have been engineered based on real prospect and advisor feedback, and both have attractive return on investment profiles for advisors.


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